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This is the personal site of Justin Neal Owings a.k.a. J.N. Owings, (J.) Neal Owings, Justin N. Owings of Atlanta, Georgia; husband to Sonal Amin; son of Tim and Kathie; brother to Nathan and Lindsey; and father of Aviana, Raya, and Kanon.

The family and me outside our home in Atlanta.

Words used to characterize me include:

  • Artist (pen & ink, logos, t-shirts),
  • Analyst,
  • Musician (guitarist and singing … though not particularly good at either),
  • Non-Theist, non-Atheist
  • Writer (Here, BirthdayShoes, FullStory, other places I’ve forgotten)
  • Health enthusiast (Intermittent fasting and weight lifting for the last decade—embarrassing “proof”),
  • Stoic,
  • Back-of-the-envelope philosopher, and
  • General enthusiast about complexity, systems, randomness and where this is all going.

Except … these are just labels, and I’m all and none of these things, exactly.

Workwise, I’ve got a storied past that began in accounting and finance, jumped to financial news circa the 2007 mortgage implosion, detoured to moonlighting as a minimalist shoe aficionado only to end up at Google on the sales-side doing storytelling and market research. That lasted some seven years before I joined former Googlers at FullStory and put my content chops to work in the B2B SaaS world. As wonderful an experience FullStory was, I’m now pursuing my next adventure in content …

This is me around the web.

I run a handful of Twitter accounts. Only two are “me” whereas the others are more about specific topics:

  • @justinowings — This is my “personal” Twitter. Presently, it focuses on topics of complexity, philosophy, systems, problems of modernity, and many other things. It’s personal but it’s not private.
  • @justowings — my “work” Twitter account. This handle benefits from being focused on content marketing. It needs a bit more work, really.
  • I’m also at @bdayshoes (BirthdayShoes), @maskthespread (maskthespread.com — COVID-19 side project)

Find my LinkedIn profile here. Facebook here. Instagram there.

(I spend as little time on these last two social media platforms as possible simply to reduce the exposure to asymmetrical social connections and algorithmic bias regarding what I should pay attention to from friends).

This is the third installment of The Justin Owings Page (Archived: Original, Revised).

Last updated April 2020.

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