This is the personal blog of Justin Owings of Atlanta, Georgia.

For a glimpse at my work history, which includes corporate M&A, viral journalism, “barefoot shoes” influencing, Google, and the wild world of VC-backed SaaS — go to Owin.gs.

In 2024 I founded a boutique marketing agency called R-ght (pronounced “right”) to help companies with their messaging, story, and brand.

So what’s JustinOwings.com for? This site started back in 2007 as my place to write, share, and think in words, “out loud” on topics like human nature, religion, philosophy, and systems.

Here, I write about somewhat heavy topics—e.g. how smartphones hijack us, the uneasy morality of being alive, conspiracies and systems, or what leads to people being brainwashed.

This kind of stuff is far removed from the content I create in my career. That content helps companies understand people and products.

A recent middle ground type of content—that’s unique in its own right—is my 2023 book, Exec on the Desk. A “children’s book for adults,” the work satirizes modern corporate life while agitating readers to think about tradeoffs between freedom, privacy, and trust. If you’re curious what that looks like, grab a copy (it’s even free on Linkedin).

If you’d like to say hello — just use this form.

This is me around the web.

I have created a lot online. So you may have seen me “around” the web. Here are a few places of note:

I run a handful of Twitter accounts. Only two are “me” whereas the others are topical:

Find my LinkedIn profile here. Facebook here. Instagram there.

This is the third installment of The Justin Owings Page.

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Last updated December 2023

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