This is the personal site of Justin Neal Owings a.k.a. J.N. Owings, (J.) Neal Owings, Justin N. Owings of Atlanta, Georgia; husband, father, and brother.

Words used to characterize me include:

  • Artist (pen & ink, logos, t-shirts),
  • Analyst
  • Musician (guitarist and singing … though not particularly good at either)
  • Non-Theist, non-Atheist
  • Writer
  • Health enthusiast
  • Stoic
  • Back-of-the-envelope philosopher
  • General enthusiast about complexity, systems, randomness and where this is all going

Except … these are just labels, and I’m all and none of these things, exactly.

Workwise, I’ve got a storied past that began in accounting and finance, jumped to financial news circa the 2007 mortgage implosion, detoured to moonlighting as a minimalist shoe aficionado only to end up at Google on the sales-side doing storytelling and market research. That lasted some seven years before I joined former Googlers at FullStory. I grew out content at FullStory for a bit over three years before joining MURAL, where I’ve been since May 2020 leading content and comms.

This is me around the web.

I run a handful of Twitter accounts. Only two are “me” whereas the others are more about specific topics:

  • @justinowings — This is my “personal” Twitter. Presently, it’s private as I’m on a hiatus from Twitter (and loving it)
  • @justowings — my “work” Twitter account. This handle benefits from being focused on work topics
  • I’m also at @bdayshoes (BirthdayShoes) — not regularly updated

Find my LinkedIn profile here. Facebook here. Instagram there.

This is the third installment of The Justin Owings Page (Archived: Original, Revised).

Last updated April 2022.

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