On the road: Olympia

Just an update. I’m on the road for the next ten days for a wedding out here in Olympia, Washington this Saturday and then an extra week of vacation in Seattle and Vancouver (Hey, gotta make use of the 5.5 hour flight out here from Atlanta). For some (or most) of that time, I’ll still be plugged in for work, though I’m assured to get a few days in there where I’m disconnected. I’ll also be taking a stab at slipping in some workouts.

It’s damn near impossible to stay healthy on the road, but I’m doing my best. I find that my Achille’s heel is alcohol as it seems to lower my inhibitions just enough to snack on nearby junk food. I don’t know if this goes on to spike my insulin (And I’m guessing, I’m fairly insulin sensitive these days) which cascades to carb-binging, but I’ve seen a carb-cascade occur and I don’t like it.

In other eating news, I feasted on fresh Dungeness crab last night harvested yesterday morning from Puget Sound. It was delicious.

Here’s a view out from the top of where the groomsmen are staying for the wedding. Porches on every level of this house, this is the topmost, third floor porch view:

I’ll have to take some “real” photos of this place. It is awesome.