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Life has gotten downright busy lately.

If you recall, we were trying to buy a house in Atlanta. Unfortunately, after a good five months of searching and one deal (that was under contract) falling through, we realized that with a baby only three months away, we were going to have to abandon buying and rent another year. So began a frantic search for a place to rent, which was surprisingly frustrating in that every good listing was already leased by the time we found it. Regardless, one tool that helped the hunt was, which has officially wowed me with being much easier and more powerful than Zillow.

After ten possibles, nine of which were already leased, we found a house in Lake Claire, Atlanta. Lake Claire is slightly east of Little Five Points and Candler Park. Our new pad is within a five minute walk to the Flying Biscuit there! It’s a sweet, walkable location, and will make a great house to tide us over through the birth of our first baby girl.

Speaking of babies, we have finally had the chance to dedicate time to finishing our registry and deciding important things like: nursery furniture and color schemes. This is hard. Way harder than it sounds. Sonal is now seven months pregnant. Our first is due in 80 days.

And regarding birthdays, my side project Vibram five fingers website,, continues to grow. Here are the last six posts:

Note the Jamaica post. Sonal and I took a week vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica (Couples San Souci). We had a blast. If you’re a Duke basketball fan, you might be interested to know that Brian Zoubek was vacationing there, as well. At an inch over seven feet tall, the guy is a giant. The world was not built for individuals that tall. From what I observed from afar, every table is a kiddie table.

And my day-job, the Implode-O-Meter, just rolled out a subdomain on MLI dedicated to FHA education (replete with an FHA blog).

All of this has been happening over the last three weeks.

Life has been busy.


Back to Atlanta

So after just about a year of full-time living in Augusta (and there was a good six months before that when we were here half the time), we are moving back to Atlanta. Chicago was a real possibility at one point, but got ultimately got eliminated for a number of reasons.

We’ll be heading back to Atlanta within the next four weeks and are looking for a place to stay. We’re giving serious consideration to buying a home even as we realize that house prices are still on their downward trajectory.

Our goal is to live within walking distance of hang-outs, the grocery store, restaurants, etc. There are a few places we have in mind to accomplish this, but they’re all a bit on the pricey side, which has made us wonder if we could find a place to renovate.

We’ll see what we can find. And regardless, we are looking forward to heading back to Atlanta!


Chicago (or Austin)

Any readers out there live in (or previously lived in) Chicago? Chicago is on the short list of where the wife and I might be heading after we leave in Augusta. We are looking to leave Augusta as soon as November (upon our return from India), depending primarily on a certain job hunt.

I’ve done some blogsearches on “moving to Chicago” or “moved to Chicago” (and even “Chicago noob“), but they haven’t turned up much in the way of helpful information.

Things I’d like to know include (but are not limited to):

  1. Where are the happening places to live?
  2. Given 1., which of these places are more affordable?
  3. Do you need a car or not?
  4. What’s the general political environment in Chicago? (Just curious)
  5. Is there much, if any, of a presence of web entrepreneurs in Chicago?
  6. How do Chicago-folks manage the bitterly cold winters? What do you do when you are compelled to stay inside?
  7. If you were a Chicago newbie when you got there, how’d you get to know folks?
  8. What are the central spots in Chicago? (This is similar to 1., I know)
  9. What’s the current economic feel in Chi-town? Is it full-on recession there yet?

Anything I’m not asking that should be asked?

Update 09/11/08:

The above questions — applied to Austin. Anyone live in Austin?