Project AminOwings: We’re expecting a girl!

Here Project AminOwings is demonstrating impressive fetal balance — managing an intra-uterine headstand!

Sonal and I found out this morning that Project AminOwings will be a girl. She’s due August 7, 2009. Needless to say, we are excited (and nervous). To date, we’ve thought of no names. Any suggestions may be considered. We don’t plan on deciding for sure until she is born. This is to ensure that the name fits the face — what’s a Beatrice look like, anyway?

And names that start with “B” are highly unlikely to be chosen as there is no reason to put a kid through having initials “B.O.” Though had it been a boy, Albert Owings would have been a serious contender.

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  1. That’s totally AWESOME!!! Congrats on the little girl. Little Ms. Owings appreciates your consideration of her initials. Skye and I liked Sabastian Orin for a boy. Could you imagine?!?! The initials would have been S.O.B. We quickly canned that name string.

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