Project AminOwings. B-Day 2009 rapidly approaching!

Above is a logo I designed for “Project Aminowings.” Early in the pregnancy, we were calling the baby “The Project” since we didn’t have a name. The little amino acid with wings logo is something I had mocked up about five years ago prior to Sonal and me getting married—I always liked the combination of “aminowings” because it forced the correct pronunciation of Sonal’s last name and the correct spelling of my last name. Alas, Sonal just took on “Owings” when we got married (oh well! I offered!). I made it an “official” logo this year. And of course, I’ve ordered a tshirt of it from (just received it but there are some color problems I’m trying to work out with spreadshirt customer service).

Here’s the front:

The actual due date is August 7, 2009, though only 5% of babies are born on their due date (can’t recall where I got that stat, sorry). The nametag is blank because Sonal and I haven’t told anyone our name. We’re expecting a girl (knock on wood). We’re excited and based on an examination yesterday by a midwife at Northside hospital, the “Project” may come a bit early or on time, which would be a surprise since everyone says your first is usually up to a week late. Of course, that could still happen.

So we’re basically on “high alert” at this point. Hard to believe we’re about to be parents.

Life changes.

4 Replies to “Project AminOwings. B-Day 2009 rapidly approaching!”

  1. I love the logo and want my own shirt when I come see baby girl!! So excited and cannot wait to meet (and spoil) her 🙂 Good luck and we better be on the text tree 😉

  2. Life will change *a lot*. But in a very primal way :). Lots of work, lots of satisfaction.

    Now is a very good time for long vacations and/or trips, all night dance parties, doing drugs together…those are the main things I missed that it was hard to do w/ an infant :).

  3. We did get in a vacation to India last October and then a trip to Jamaica back in May; unfortunately, just when you realize you want to do all these crazy things, you immediately get bogged down in the preparations you’ve got to make to get “ready” for a kid.

    And at this point, well, it’s “any day now,” so even resorting to Tequila (or bourbon :)) for fun has to be tempered with the realization that you need to be “ready” for packing a bag, calming a laboring wife, and (eventually) driving to the hospital.

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