Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

I’ve been doing a bit more biking lately and wanted to see if I couldn’t put my hands on a decent mp3 audiobook that I could listen to while riding. Enter Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, which is apparently one of the original self-improvement/self-help books ever created.

The audiobook consists of over twenty hours of audio, so it is going to take some time to work through it; however, based on all the accolades Hill has received (Heard of Think and Grow Rich?), there must be a few solid concepts in this book. I’ll let you know once I slug through it all!

These days, I’m keenly interested in improving the quality of my life — facets including relationships, work, physical and mental health, et cetera. To that end, there is much waste and inefficiency in the way I currently manage my life, so I’m looking for ways to “hack” my processes and improve them. I’m also optimistic that in engaging in self-evaluation/self-hacking I might advance my life-goals, perhaps coming closer to finding an area on which to focus my energy.

If anyone has pointers in this regard, please let me know!

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It sounds like we have similar concerns and questions. I also went through a Napolean Hill phase. I think what really helped me out though was when the Bouncing Souls released “The Gold Album”.

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