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I first got keen on learning more about oils thanks to Scott Kustes of Modern Forager (See All about oils, Coconut milk and Whiskey) and then wrote More on Coconut Oil. As a result of learning a bit more on oils, I’ve replaced olive oil with coconut oil whenever I use my cast iron skillet, which is quite often. The results have been fantastic: less smoking, better flavor and an easier to clean skillet (no idea why).

So I was happy to find Scott had expanded on his first post with Ten Oils And How To Use Them. It’s worth a read, so go check it out.

Armed with this additional data, I’ve got to figure out where to get lard, tallow and palm oil — I looked briefly for palm oil while at Publix the other day and came up empty-handed. And I have no idea if Augusta even has a farmer’s market.

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Check to find farmers near you. You may be able to get in touch with them to get some lard. I find lard to be much easier to cook with than tallow (or rather to clean up from as tallow is some sticky stuff).

Also, look at to find CSAs and Farmer’s Markets. It’s not 100% up-to-date, but it’s a good starting point. Looks like there are a few around Augusta.

For palm oil, I get mine from Tropical Traditions.

Scott Kustes
Modern Forager

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