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An Importqant Message from the Global Entertainment Industry


Great cartoon from The Pirate Bay that illustrates how emerging technologies tend to be feared (and villainized) by existing power structures even as those technologies drastically improve the quality of life for human beings.

Cartoon after the jump.

The text:

An important message from the global entertainment industry …


  • Radio was going to destroy the record industry?
  • Television was going to be the end of cinema?
  • Home taping was killing music?
  • Video would be the death of Hollywood?

Well, now a new spectre haunts the corporate boardrooms of the entertainment industry …

The Internet!

[Image of family happily standing in front of a computer monitor listening to music]

[Corporate exec]: “This charming scene may look harmless, but if the cute little kitten tehy’re watching on Auntie Val’s video-blog is dancing to copyright material, this family is STEALING!

“That’s why we need the power to ban you from the Internet – because our copyrights are worth more than your human rights!”

Good stuff.

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